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Skin problems are commonplace and can be caused by many different factors, including;  UV radiation, pollution, stress and free radical damage. 

We’re proud to have teamed up with DIBI Milano to put the most effective treatments and products for our customers in place, covering all areas of concern including; acne, rosacea, ageing as well as many other problematic skin conditions to restore healthy, young and radiant skin in just one session. 

DIBI Milano is Italy’s leading cosmeceutical skincare range, with products based on over 40 years’ of scientific research and technological innovation. Their innovative cosmeceutical products are designed to enhance your natural beauty and are not only science-based, they are luxurious and a real pleasure to use, with creamy, velvety textures and a delicious fragrance.

Your trained Beauty Spot technician will start by using the patented DIBI Milano Skin Analyser to assess what lies beneath your skin, measuring your pores,  hydration and collagen to create a bespoke skincare plan just for you. From anti-ageing facials to soothing, anti-redness treatments, we can offer the perfect facial to restore your glow.    

Book a consultation today and start your personalised skincare journey with DIBI Milano at The Beauty Spot.

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